Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The One Where Obama Wins!

Been following the election really closely here.  I'm glad it's over.  I read Nate Silver, so I didn't have much doubt.

I was talking to one of my closest Chinese friends and she said this: 中国有很多声音说 奥巴马作为美国第一任黑人总统的使命已经完成,应该让罗姆尼上了.

"A lot of people in China say Obama has already accomplished the goal of becoming America's first black president, so now it should be Romney's turn."

It's interesting being in (one of?) the only country in the world that didn't support Obama.

Somehow, this being China and all, the conversation magically turned towards the Diaoyu Islands dispute, which I'm not convinced anyone in America cares about, let alone knows is an issue here.

No one here that I know has ever voted, or ever will.  Sometimes I feel out of place, and not only because my eyes are blue, which people haven't stopped pointing out for 16 months.

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